Y&R Summer Previews 2013

Nick: His secret about Summer’s paternity is becoming harder to keep and it is starts to cause tension with Phyllis, Jack, Summer, Kyle and Avery.

Michael/Lauren/Carmine: Michael and Lauren start to work on their marriage. Meanwhile Carmine’s obsession with Lauren grows.

Adam/Victor: There is a new woman in Adam’s life that begins to cause tension with him and Victor. They begin to suspect each other. Victor knows Adam is getting a secret and is determined to find out what it is.

Billy/Victoria: Billy pays a heavy price for gambling

Chelsea/Dylan: Many romantic surprises for the new couple

Cane/Jill: They attempt to work together at Chancellor but it isn’t working, which cause Jill to take action.

Lily/Tyler: Tyler’s interest in Lily causes problems. He leaves Jabot and finds himself in a new romance

Neil/Leslie: They both find themselves in the middle of a mystery that points to someone having it out for the Winters

Kevin/Chloe: Kevin makes a grand gesture hoping to fix his marriage

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