SOD: DAYS May Sweeps

Brady/Kristen/John/Marlena - As Brady and Kristen’s wedding approaches, John steps up his plan to stop the union. Marlena is heartbroken when John agrees to divorce

Nick/Gabi/Will/Sonny - Nick’s past catches up with him in a horrifying way, placing him, Gabi, Will, and Sonny in life-threatening danger. Vargas in involved. It also sets off another story that rages through the Summer, even after Gabi gives birth under some extreme circumstances. Someone else comes into the picture and the unexpected happens.

Rafe/Kate/Stefano - Rafe is brutally attacked and left for dead. Who is responsible? Will they finish the job? Kate fears it was Stefano and makes an impulsive decision where she ends up revealing her affair with Rafe to the entire town. This causes all hell to break loose.

Hope/Ciara - Hope has her hands full with Ciara, who is acting out over her father’s absence. Her behavior inadvertently puts several lives at risk.

Jennifer/Daniel/Jack. Jr. - JJ returns to Salem as a teenager. Jennifer is shocked to learn that her once sweet boy is now a troubled teen reeling from his father’s death. JJ is not happy that Jennifer is with Daniel and begins to hate Jennifer, thinking she has forgot about his father. He also hates Daniel, so he plays them.

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