SOD: GH May Sweeps

Sonny/Carly - Sonny is pulled into a new storyline when he learns Morgan is in jeopardy. It has a touch of the mob element to it. Carly and Sonny’s son returns to the canvas.

Lulu/Dante - Dante refuses to give up on Lulu. It is a romantic journey as they both rediscover Lulu.

Laura/Scotty/Luke - Laure continues to hold out out that there could be something between her and Luke. She has to decide to marry Scott or rekindle things with Luke.

Sabrina/Patrick/Britt - Sabrina and Patrick have admitted their feelings for each other, but Britt’s pregnancy is throwing a monkey wrench into it. She is trying to manipulate the situation but Sabrina and Felix are determined to beat her at her own game.

Maxie/Spinelli/Ellie - Lulu doesn’t remember Maxie and does not care about the baby. Maxie becomes conflicted but decided to keep the truth from coming out because she knows Lulu will remember who she is and that the baby she is carrying is Lulu and Dante’s and not hers.

Sam - She is in mom mode, taking care of her baby and helping out Rafe. She will be pulled into some new adventures because of her P.I skills. Look out for her to be into something major come May.

Duke/Anna - Anna has dropped her guard and has allowed Duke into her heart. Duke is trying to stay on the straight and narrow for Anna but working for ELQ complicates things.

A.J./Elizabeth/Nikolas - This triangle spices up as A.J. is finding something real with Liz and he is scared that he is going to mess it up. Meanwhile Nikolas admits he has always wanted Liz and only stayed away out of respect for Lucky. Liz is drawn to them both.

Battle for ELQ - The war relish war will be taken to a whole new level in May. None will is giving up. The search for Lauren continues as Tracy sends Luke and A.J. sends Spinelli to bring her home.

Connie - She comes back gentler and calmer because she has been infused with Kate. She also feels she can’t be around Sonny because it is not good for her mental health eventhough she loves him.

TJ/Molly/Rafe - TJ plans on taking Molly to the prom. Meanwhile Rafe is also harboring feelings for Molly. It puts Molly in an interesting position.

Lucy - She will continue to stay on the canvas

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